Let’s talk waffles, shall we?

I love waffles. I love sweet, creamy butter and I love organic maple syrup.

Where or where do these three things and so much more come together?

Guess! Okay, fine – here! At the Sunlight Cafe!

We always serve them golden brown, but if you want less so or more so let your server know – also let your server know if you’d like blueberries, bananas, nonfat yogurt or whip cream! I like them with blueberries.

When I first started working at the Cafe, doing prep – I was hungry one day and ate a waffle (five years + years ago). It was amazing. Like finding something I was missing all my life without ever knowing. Anywho, I ate two of them. That was kind of a mistake (that’s a whole lotta waffle!), one is plenty, but they are so good. Sweet and crunchy, full of flavor in the batter and really, pretty healthy! In my book, the most buttery, rich center bit is the best, although the entire diameter of it is good. We of course make the batter in house (just like everything) and sadly, we can’t give out the recipe least some street vendor try to out waffle us.

We serve them from 8am – 3 pm Monday through Friday and 8am – 3pm Saturday and Sunday.

Now I want a waffle. Bad.