Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Is all your food vegetarian?

A: Yes, everything we serve is vegetarian. We take great care to use only the finest meat-free ingredients in each of our dishes.

Q: How long have you guys been open?

A: The cafe opened in August of 1976 and moved to its current location in 1980.

Q: Do the original owners still run the cafe?

A: The cafe was opened by five women and is now run by one of those ladies and her good-for-nothing husband.

Q: Is Joe in?

A: Who?

Q: I’m allergic to yeast/wheat/dairy/soy/nuts [[[have a food allergy?]]], what can I eat at Sunlight?

A: There are many options for people on restricted diets. Be clear with your server and we will do our best to accommodate. We are now offering more vegan and gluten-free options.

Q: Are all your ingredients organic?

A: Many of our staples such as rice, beans, grains, coffee are organic. We provide high quality and, when possible, locally grown ingredients.

Q: What does ‘ala carte’ mean?

A: Ala Carte means ‘according to the menu’ in French. Basically if you order an entree ‘ala carte’ you’re getting it by itself without soup or salad.

Q: What’s tempeh?

A: Tempeh is textured, fermented soy product which is easier for most people to digest than tofu. We use organic tempeh that is blended with millet and brown rice.

Q: What kind of coffee do you serve?

A: We serve organic Kalani coffee, a very dark and delicious roast. It’s also shade grown and fair trade.

Q: Do you use white sugar or other unholy things in your food?

A: Our sweeteners include honey, molasses, fructose and brown rice syrup blessed by the Pope himself. There are no refined sugars in the building.

Q: Do you have wi-fi?

A: We certainly do. You’re welcome to bring your laptop and stay a little while.

Q: Do you give out recipes?

A: We do not give out recipes, but we will tell you the ingredients.

Q: What’s in the Lemon Tahini?

A: Lemon and tahini and…

Q: Do you have any specials today?

A: Feel free to ask about any specials, it’s typically up to individual cooks to create a special.

Q: Do you take reservations?

A: We do not take reservations but if you simply show up we’ll do our best to get you seated as soon as possible.

Q: Why is my food taking so long to cook during brunch?

A: Brunch is a very busy time for our café. There typically isn’t a free table to spare and our kitchen is only so big. We do however appreciate your patience.

Q: Can I pay with my debit/credit card?

A: We accept Visa and Mastercard though our preference is cash or personal check. This is simply to avoid lining the pockets of those evil corporate institutions known as banks whose sole purpose is to suck whatever profit they can from us working folk. Banks siphon a percentage of every transaction.

Q: Do you take orders to go?

A: Yes. We do not however accept phone orders during weekend brunch. If you place the order while in the building, we will prepare your food to go.

Q: Can I use this website to place an order or fax it in?

A: Sorry, we still like to hear your voice

Q: Do you serve Mimosas during brunch?

A: We serve mimosas during all normal business hours.

Q: I’ve never eaten there before, what should I order?

A: Beer. Make a point to work your way through the menu, but favorites include the nutburger, brown rice salad, and a side of tempeh.

Q: Do you have any Kitchen Sink cookies right now?

A: Always feel free to check with your server which delicious baked goods we have.

Q: Why can’t I make substitutions during brunch, like on ‘Patrick’s Brunch Favorites’?

A: Sadly, Patrick is no longer with us. To honor his enduring contribution to our menu we choose to maintain the integrity of his vision. The no substitution rule also helps us get food to you as expeditiously as possible.

Q: What’s the best vegetarian place in Seattle?

A: Come in and find out!