Available Monday-Friday 10am-9pm, Saturday & Sunday 3pm-9pm.


Vegetable Plate with Humous – 6.95
a middle eastern garbanzo bean & tahini dip with carrots, celery, cucumbers, broccoli, bell peppers, cauliflower & mushrooms
– add organic pita bread- +.95

Jalapeno Artichoke Dip – $7.50
an oven-baked creamy blend of artichokes, garbanzo beans, jalapenos, garlic & three cheeses
– served with warm, whole-wheat pita or warm corn chips (gluten free)

Classic Nachos – 7.25
organic corn chips with melted cheddar cheese, black beans, sour cream, salsa & green onions
– add avocado +1.75

Sunlight Nachos – 9.95
with vegetables, cheddar cheese, black beans, rice, tomatoes, olives, avocado, salsa, sour cream & green onions


add a side of organic, savory, sauteed tofu  +3.25 organic tempeh +4.25
cheeses: cheddar, feta, or parmesan +1.50
dressings: lemon tahini, herbal or special dressing – side of dressing +1.50 small side +.95

Small Tossed Green – 5.25
lettuce, vegetables, seeds, alfalfa sprouts & choice of dressing
– substitute organic mixed greens- +.80

Organic Mixed Greens – regular 7.75 – large 9.95
with shredded carrots, cabbage, celery, cucumbers, seeds & your choice of dressing

Blushing Lettuce – regular 8.95 – large 11.25
with assorted vegetables, avocado, tomatoes, mushrooms, seeds, sprouts & dressing of your choice
-substitute organic mixed greens- regular +1.00- large +1.65

Brown Rice Salad – 9.95
lettuce, assorted vegetables, avocado, broccoli & cauliflower, topped with organic brown rice, seeds & choice of home-made dressing
– substitute organic mixed greens- +1.00

Greek Spinach Salad – regular 9.50 – large 11.95
organic spinach, tomatoes, cucumbers, mushrooms, red onions, greek olives, feta cheese, almonds & home-made dressing of your choice

Tostada – 8.95
a crisp corn tortilla, topped with black beans, grated cheddar, lettuce, tomatoes, sprouts & olives
-with sour cream +.95 – with avocado +1.75

Fruit Salad – regular 9.75 – large 12.25
seasonal and tropical fruits, topped with our special sunlight salad dressing and chopped almonds, walnuts & coconut


Soup, Salad & Bread Combo – 9.95
a bowl of homemade soup of the day, a small tossed salad & a slice of homemade wheat bread
~ substitute gluten-free corn bread ~ no extra charge ~

1/2 Sandwich with Soup or Salad – 8.95
1/2 of an avocado & cheese sandwich or a humous & avocado sandwich with your choice of a bowl of soup or a small tossed salad

Sandwiches and Burgers

Our sandwiches and burgers are served on home-baked bread and  home-baked seven-grain buns made with organic whole grains.

Nutburger –  a la carte 9.50                                            with soup or salad 12.50
a grilled patty of roasted nuts, rice & vegetables, topped with melted cheddar, and served on a 7-grain bun, onion on request

Grilled Tempeh Burger – a la carte 8.95                        with soup or salad 11.95
savory sauteed organic tofu with spicy roasted red pepper sauce

Portabello Mushroom Burger – a la carte 9.50              with soup or salad 12.50
a whole roasted portabello mushroom with basil pesto, topped with melted cheddar, and served on a 7-grain bun

Falafel – 8.95  a la carte                                                 with soup or salad 11.95
served with organic pita and garlic yogurt sauce

Humous Roll-up   – 7.50 a la carte                                 with soup or salad 10.50
humous, grated carrots & cabbage, cucumbers, radish sprouts, & lemon tahini, rolled in an organic whole-wheat wrap

Avocado & Cheese       – 8.50 a la carte                      with soup or salad 11.50
swiss or raw milk cheddar with avocado, tomatoes, lettuce & sprouts, made with home-baked whole grain bread, melted or unmelted

Humous and Avocado  – 8.50 a la carte                      with soup or salad  11.50
Our humous, avocado, tomatoes, cucumbers, lettuce and radish sprouts, on homemade whole-wheat bread


Tempeh Taco Plate –      a la carte 9.95                      with soup or salad 12.95
two corn tortillas filled with spiced, sauteed, organic tempeh, cheddar, olives, lettuce, tomatoes & cilantro
– served with sour cream, salsa, organic brown rice and black beans                                     –  with avocado +1.75

Black Bean Burrito        – a la carte 9.95                     with soup or salad 12.95
choice of red or green sauce ~ black beans, cheddar cheese, vegetables, & rice, rolled in an organic whole wheat flour tortilla, baked with enchilada sauce and topped with tomatoes, sour cream, olives & green onions
– with avocado +1.75

Vegetable Cheese Enchiladas – a la carte 10.25         with soup or salad 13.25
~ choice of red or green sauce ~ cheddar cheese, vegetables & sour cream rolled in two corn tortillas & baked with enchilada sauce and more cheddar, served with black beans & organic brown rice- with avocado +1.75

Polenta with Black Beans – a la carte 8.75                   with soup or salad 11.75
parmesan polenta baked with black beans, salsa & cheddar- with sour cream +.85 with avocado +1.75

The Vegan Highlander – a la carte 9.95                       with soup or salad 12.95
organic, seasoned, sauteed tofu, tempeh, onions, green peppers & red pepper sauce, served on a bed of fresh spinach, with a side of organic brown rice

Steamed Vegetables & Tofu with Rice
– small – a la carte 7.50                                  with soup or salad 10.50
– large – a la carte 9.25                                  with soup or salad 12.25
mixed vegetables tossed in garlic-ginger sauce & served on a bed of organic brown rice
– add peanut sauce, lemon tahini, or cheese +1.50

Side Orders

cup of soup 4.25
bowl of soup 5.25
slice of homemade bread 1.85
heel of homemade bread 1.00
gluten-free cornbread 2.25
bowl of organic brown rice 2.75
— w/ lemon tahini or peanut sauce +1.50
black beans 2.75
savory sauteed tofu 3.25
savory sauteed tempeh 4.25
organic english muffin 1.65
— w/ jam +.40
avocado 1.75
nutritional yeast .65
bowl of yogurt 3.00
cheese- cheddar, feta, or parmesan 1.50
humous  3.95